Frame & Mat Design

Choosing the right size, color, texture, and style all work together to enhance your artwork while also complimenting your unique personality and home decor. With thousands of frame and mat samples, the design possibilities may seem overwhelming. This is where our experienced staff can assist you in choosing the perfect design to enhance your artwork. One big rule of thumb is to never choose a frame to match your furniture. A piece of art has to stand on its own merit and beauty.

Fabric Mat Selection & Design

Using fabric mats allows a larger variety of colors and textures to enhance a luxurious look for your art. You can choose a fabric that matches your decor. For a formal look you may consider a silk or textured linen, whereas a rustic look would require a coarse burlap.

We also recommend using a fillet. These are narrow strips of wood with various finishes, set in between the mat and the art. Adding a fillet may be that finishing touch your piece of art needs.

Art Selection

Bring in any of your precious photos, art you’ve acquired through your travels, or your memorabilia. We have a variety of framed and unframed art such as oil paintings, lithographs, and shadowboxes that we have displayed in our showroom. We also provide corporate and commercial art.

Oval Mats, Cut Outs & Multiple Opening Mats

Ovals and other design mats can greatly enhance the appearance of your artwork. In order to create the best look, one should consider the size and shape of the art, width of the frame, and the space where it will be hung. Collages are created by cutting multiple openings, with a variety of shapes and sizes in one mat. Creative matting can make your display unique to any other that you have seen.